Consultning on Accessibility: Opportunities and Challenges to Contribute with Oblique Approaches and new Insights


Karin Bendixen


A3. UD theory and practice

Date and Time

2014-06-16, 14:05 - 14:25


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The issue of Universal Design (UD), Design for All, or Accessibility, should always stir up debate. UD relates to society and should constantly be seen from a critical perspective. In Denmark we have experienced a change in mind-set from ”good-will” towards implementing accessibility to having formalized obligations, which build on the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, where UD is a central term. Based on 25 years of experiences as a consultant and by way of a Danish example from a complex building project (an architectural competition) the paper will discuss the demands and opportunities that accessibility consultants have today. And how the consultant throughout the building project can contribute with oblique approaches and new insights in order to achieve a universal designed building