Using Technological-Pedagogical-and-Content Knowledge (TPACK) to Support Universal Design for Learning (UDL): A Case Study


Kimble McCann


E3. Universal access to education

Date and Time

2014-06-18, 10:30 - 11:10


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This session is a report on the design and implementation of a case study based upon series of observations, interviews, and the analyses of materials were utilized to discover how a Hawaii Department of Education (HDOE) teacher utilizes TPACK to support UDL in an inclusive instructional environment. An ethnographic analysis of data, paired with peer review, expert review, and member checking were also utilized to ensure validity and minimize researcher bias. Preliminary findings reveal that both TPACK and UDL play a complex and series of interconnected roles in supporting inclusion for educational practitioners in the field and for policymakers who define professional guidelines and supports.