Pilot study of Usability of Optical Mark Reader Answer Sheet with Assistive Devices


Hidehisa Oku, Kayoko Matsubara and Kazuhiro Sameshima


P4. Towards universal solutions

Date and Time

2014-06-17, 12:00 - 13:45


MA 10
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Design Case

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Optical Mark Reader Answer Sheet (OMR_AS) has been universally used in the education field. As marking OMR_AS needs physical skill of both hands, some students have difficulty to finish it within a limited time. To improve this situation, two assistive devices were developed, and an evaluation experiment was carried out by 6 non-disabled students and one student with physical disability in upper limbs. As indicated in the results, some of the non-disabled students could mark OMR_AS in a shorter time, but each student’s workload increased. As the reference data, the disabled student could mark OMR_AS with these assistive devices, without increase of workload. There was significant difference in workload between the non-disabled students and the disabled student (P=0.01).