Preconference Workshop

UD2014 invites you to an exciting one day workshop at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center!

Place: Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC)
Date: June 15 2014
Time: 9 am – 5 pm

The workshop focuses on experiencing the challenges and possibilities embedded in improving an existing physical environment with a universal design perspective. Together, we will investigate and improve the Lund railway station – the entrance to the city for visitors coming by train from Copenhagen Airport, Stockholm and other destinations. It should be a setting that everybody can approach without obstacles and feel welcome regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, culture, language or disability.

The workshop participants will investigate ways to improve the railway station environment and its surroundings. This can be done, for instance, by making information more available or by facilitating navigation to and from the area. You will co-operate in groups and have at your disposal some of the specific tools available at IKDC. The tools are a 3-D printer, Virtual Reality lab, Full-Scale lab and a Tangible-Interaction Laboratory. They will be used both to investigate possible improvements to the environment and to present your results. When you register for the workshop, you need to choose the tool you prefer to test.

The workshop will take place June 15 from 9 to 5, the day prior to the official start of UD2014. The cost is 720 SEK + VAT and includes lunch, materials and support for using the tools. Some of the tools can only be used by a limited number of participants, so please specify a second and third alternative. First come, first serve!

Participation in the workshop offers you a unique chance to not only attend all the interesting and exciting presentations at UD2014, but to also take part in a practical universal design co-operation with your conference colleagues!

Preliminary schedule

9:00 Registration (to your team leader), coffee
9:30 Welcome and short introduction (in team)
10:00 Departure to Lund central station (bus or alternative transport).
Visit to the workshop area and discussion of the first impressions
11:45 Departure from Lund central station (bus or alternative transport)
12:00 Lunch (cold lunch to be eaten with your team)
13:00 Design work (in team, coffee break included)
16:00 Exhibition work (in team)

The VR-laboratory

Image of people in a VR-labA digital 3D model of an environment can be visualized on a computer screen but in the Virtual Reality lab you can walk around in the model and experience what it would be like to visit the real environment.

The Full-Scale Laboratory

An image from a full scale laboratoryThe Full-Scale lab is a unique resource where “real models” of dwellings and work environments can be built in scale 1:1. With the flexible building components it is easy to change the size and shape of the spaces.

3D printing

A photo of 3D-printed materialDifferent types of sketches, mock-ups and prototypes are important in the process of product development. With a digital model of your idea you can easily realize it in our 3-D printer, within 2-3 hours you can feel the piece of plastic in your hand.

The Tangible-Interaction Laboratory

A young man building a TEI prototypeThe Tangible-Interaction lab is a space where you can build interactive objects using electronic modules that snap together and see how to bring light, sound and movement to everyday materials. We hope you will learn about the possibilities that electronics and technology can bring, and that this can fuel into some creativity.