Many Generations Community House – Community house and accessible housing in Lauttasaari


Laura Nenonen


F5. Designing for generations

Date and Time

2014-06-18, 12:30 - 12:50


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The Many Generations Community House is my Master’s thesis project in architecture that I’m doing for Oulu School of Architecture in the University of Oulu in collaboration with Aalto University. The thesis work is related to the Lauttasaari Service Network research project of Aalto University and City of Helsinki. The thesis is scheduled to be finished during the spring of 2014. The Many Generations Community House is a design project consisting of a Community house and accessible and affordable housing for all age groups and life circumstances. Although all the apartments are to be made accessible and the focus on the services of the Community house is in the elderly, the main idea is to bring all the age groups together and see what they have to give to each other in the community of one block. The Community house provides activities and services to the whole area of Lauttasaari and its is open to all the residents. It serves as a Day Care for the elderly but it might also be a meeting place for the stay home mums and a starting place for the unemployed to enter the working life. My thesis is to design the framework but it is the residents who would build and shape up the community.