UD2014 in Lund

Presentations available on UR.se

During the first two days of the UD2014 conference, Swedish television was recording the sessions in the plenary room. They then made a selection among the recordings and now these presentations are available at www.ur.se when you search for “universell design”.

Bodil Jönsson presents at ud2014     Patricia Moore's presentation at UD2014    Hubert Froyen's presentation at UD2014

Here you find the direct links to the keynote presentations by Bodil Jönsson, Patricia Moore, Hubert Froyen and Stefan Johansson. Also to the presentations by Mark Trieglaff, Safaa Mahmoud, Katerina Papamichail and Daniel Iacofono & Susan Gottsman.

UD2016 will take place in York, 21 – 24 August 2016

The conference website is ud2016.uk Deadline for submission of papers, design cases and demonstrations for UD2016 is 14 March 2016.

Thanks to all who came and contributed to making UD2014 a great conference!

Plenary discussion Lunch in the sun Poster discussion

June 16 – 18, more than 250 participants came together in Lund for


The International Conference on Universal Design (UD2014) at Lund University, Sweden started June 15, with a pre conference at IKDC (Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre) with 40 participants making prototypes together.

It was followed by a three day conference with more than 250 participants,  who with presentations, workshops, exhibitions and discussions aimed at dismantling physical and social barriers to inclusion in all areas of life.

The conference proceedings are available as an open access publication by IOS Press. These proceedings contain the scientific long and short papers on the topic of Universal Design. Design Cases and Posters are available as pdf documents directly in conjunctionwith the online programme that you will find on the Programme page.

Keynote presentations

At UD 2014 we had inspiring keynote presentations by a number of distinguished lecturers. Each keynote presenter has his or her own page on the conference web. You will find links to this information on the Keynotes page.

Among the keynote pesenters you will find, from left:

Patricia A Moore   Hubert Froyen   Bodil Jönsson   Ivor Ambrose   Finn Petrén   Stefan Johansson

Patricia A Moore, Hubert Froyen, Bodil Jönsson, Ivor Ambrose, Finn Petrén and Stefan Johansson.

A rich and varied programme

UD2014 contained 84 oral presentations; six keynote lectures; two plenary sessions; seven workshops; 20 poster presentations; 10 student projects; and an extensive demo/exhibition track. The themes of UD2014 span over large parts of societal life, in work and in play, in indoor and outdoor spaces, in cities and rural settings, for young and for old.


UD2014 is supported by the Interaction Design Foundation: Interaction Design Foundation - logotype