Practical information

We wish to make the conference and its program accessible to everyone. If you have questions regarding accessibility that you find are not answered in the information below, please contact the conference organizers as soon as possible.

Note that this is a dynamic document, therefore information and details will be added as the conference is nearing.

All enquiries during the conference, including technical problems, can be addressed to the registration desk (see below).

Emergency numbers

Police / Ambulance and fire department: 112

Conference specific: +46 73 247 09 68 (Lena Leveen)

Wi-Fi login

Login information can be found in the program. If you experience problems, please contact the registration desk or Lena Leveen.

Conference Venue

The main conference is held at the faculty of Engineering, Lund University, more specifically the building MA/Matte-Annexet (Sölvegatan 20 D, N: 55,711015, E:13,208141).

The plenum hall, the parallel session rooms, demo and poster areas, as well as the lunch and coffee areas are wheelchair accessible. Some of the parallel session rooms in MA are traditional leveled lecture halls with wheelchair-accessible places in the front rows only. To get there, you need to enter the lecture hall from the basement level in the MA building. The elevator in the middle of the building will get you to the basement.

Due to a limited number of lifts, we encourage the use of stairs if possible.

The pre-conference workshops on Sunday June 15 and the welcome reception on Monday evening are taking place at Ingvar Kamprad Design Center, IKDC, at Sölvegatan 26 (N: 55,71487, E:13,21235). The building is wheelchair accessible.

The conference will be held in smoking-free areas.

The conference registration will be located in the MA/Matte-Annexet building, near the main entrance.

There may be guide or service dogs present at the conference.

A guided orientation of the conference building will be organised on Sunday June 15th at 17:00 and on Monday morning June 16th at 09:00. The guiding will start from the registration desk in the MA building, Sölvegatan 20D.

Getting there

From Copenhagen Airport

The closest airports are Kastrup (in Denmark) and Malmö Airport/Sturup (in Sweden).

From Kastrup, there are commuter trains (Öresundståg) that take 33 minutes to get to Lund Central. You buy the ticket for the trains at the airport, at the “Skånetrafiken” ticket machines.

Important information:
There is currently a strike in Öresund trains between Denmark and Sweden. These strike might affect all UD2014 participants that plan to travel from Copenhagen Airport to Lund. Regional and city buses are not covered by the strike. DSB in Denmark, which are not covered by the strike, are running replacement buses between Sweden and Copenhagen Airport. Skånetrafiken (swedish regional traffic company) tickets and travel (Jojo) cards are valid on the replacement buses. You can read more about the strike and plan your travel in the Skanetrafiken website. Unfortunately, these buses are not wheelchair accessible. You can also take a cab from Kastrup to Lund via the Öresund bridge.

Replacement busses tickets are available from the DSB ticket office above the railway station in Terminal 3. Replacement buses leave from Copenhagen airport to Malmö every twenty minutes (in minute ’06, ’26 and ’46). First bus runs from the airport at. 4:56 and the last bus starts. 0.26. During peak hours between the hours. 6:54 pm. 8.14 and in the time. 15:14 pm. 18.14 there are also buses in minutes ’14, ’34 and ’54. You can read more about replacement buses in the DSB website.

From Lund central station

From Lund Central, you either take a cab or the Lundalänken (the Lund link) bus line. The bus stop for Lundalänken is at Clemenstorget which is north-east of the station. The bus stop is marked Lundalänken. You need to take one of the yellow buses (166 marked Södra Sandby or 169 marked Malmö). In these you can pay with you debit/credit card. This is not possible on the green buses. No buses will take cash. Tickets can also be bought in the Skånetrafiken customer’s center or in ticket machines at the station. To buy a text message ticket, your cell phone MUST have a Swedish operator. For the main conference: get off at the “LTH” bus stop, which is near Matteannexet. For the pre-conference, get off at the bus stop “Ideon”.

From Malmö Airport

From Malmö Airport/Sturup, you can take the airport bus bound for Lund. The airport bus also stops at the “LTH” and “Ideon (Gammahuset)” bus stops.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner is taking place at Glasklart in Malmö (Dockplatsen 1 in Malmö, N: 55,61522 E: 12,99048). Don’t forget to bring your dinner ticket which will be in your badge.

There will be chartered buses leaving from the Conference Venue at 19:00 to go to Glasklart on the evening of the dinner (June 17th) . If you want to travel to the dinner on your own, you need to take the commuter train to Malmö, and from there take the bus 3 (Ringlinjen Medurs) or 5 (Malmöexpressen with destination “Västra Hamnen”). Malmöexpressen is the new 24 m long “superbus” that started to run June 1st.

The conference dinner ends at Midnight (24:00) at which time the chartered buses will go back to the conference venue.

Public transport

See the Skånetrafiken web page.

55,61522, 12,99048
55,61522, 12,99048


The conference proceedings are published with IOS Press as Open Access publications.

We have provided guidelines for accessible documents / pdfs to the authors, who are responsible for the accessibility and content of their papers.


Guidelines for accessible presentations have been published and sent to the presenters. Speakers are responsible for the accessibility and content of their presentations.

The program schedule will be followed – due to the participants’ dependence on medication and planned rest.

The program is now published on the website. The program will receive links to abstracts and full papers, and will be updated during the conference. If you wish to obtain the presentation from the speaker, please contact the speaker directly.

Hosts representing the conference organizers will be present in all parallel and plenary sessions.



Speech-to-text interpretation will be provided at all plenary and parallel sessions.

Other interpreters

We aim to provide sufficient space and light for the participants’ personal interpreters. Please contact the conference organizers if you are accompanied by a personal interpreter.

Ee have chosen not to provide sign language interpretation as there is no common sign language. The common language of the conference is written English, as the papers are in English and presentations will be held in English.

Conference material in other formats

There will be a limited amount of printed material for the conference. All conference material will also be made available online. The online conference schedule will be updated during the conference.

Should you require Braille prints of conference material, please specify this upon registration.

If you should require any other kind of information, please contact us in advance.

Hearing loops and aids

Hearing loops will be present in all venues. In case there is a problem with the loop, please contact the volunteers who work as hosts or the technical staff in the room.

Personal portable hearing aids for small meetings can be borrowed at the Service desk . Please specify that you will need such a device upon registration.

Allergy information

The following venues have hardwood floors and have entrances through ground floor and basement which are tiled:

  • Parallel sessions in MA-1
  • Parallel sessions in MA-6
  • Parallel sessions in MA-7

The following venues are carpeted:

  • Plenary and Keynote sessions (1st floor)
  • Workshops (1st floor)
  • Demo-sessions (1st floor)
  • Poster-sessions (1st floor)

Out of respect for people with chemical sensitivities, please refrain from using scented products when attending this event.

Decorations will be allergy friendly.

Note that there may be guide dogs or service dogs present at the conference.

Dietary options

At least the following dietary options will be made available:

  • Coeliac disease / Gluten intolerance
  • Without nuts
  • Without milk/lactose
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Please specify your dietary requirements upon registration.


There are toilets on all three floors of the MA building. The wheelchair accessible toilets are on the top floor (3 toilets), the ground floor (1 toilet at the north entrance and lift), and the basement (1 toilet).