A study of design condition and its effect using a graphic floor sign in a railway station


Hiroshi Kitagawa, Kiyohiro Omori, Takao Yanagihara and Norihiro Ikeda


P4. Towards universal solutions

Date and Time

2014-06-17, 12:00 - 13:45


MA 10
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This study is considered about installation of some graphic floor sign in actual railroad station. The condition for design is discussed with people with low vision. And the investigation of the placement is carried out under a partnership of people with low vision. It is installed after discussing with local government administrators. Finally, it is installed around two railroad stations after investigating the size, the form, and the content of this graphic floor sign under a partnership of people with low vision. And it is conducted the user survey. As the result, it is delayed to find it with ordinary passengers, however it is easy to search and recognize it when found it once. It turned out that it is an effective sign system also including construction or a cost.