Access for all at school


Eva Skogman


E3. Universal access to education

Date and Time

2014-06-18, 10:10 - 10:30


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In 2012 a project was conducted aiming to explore accessibility in preschools and schools in one region of Sweden. The project was a cooperation between the Swedish National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools and Mälardalen University. Both questionnaires and interviews were conducted. Questions and answers concerned accessibility to the physical, pedagogical and social environments (Ds 2010:20).

The results show that physical environment in schools and preschools usually are not ready to welcome new pupils with disabilities. When a pupil with disabilities comes, the school will first have to adapt the physical environment to individual needs before education can start.
The pedagogical environment and the teaching can be devided into three categories: traditional teaching, teachers who have started to change their teaching and progressive teachers who have come a long way towards accessibility
A tolerant and accepting social environment varies between school that provide joint activities for pupils with and without disabilities and those that do not.