Cinema.connect makes entertainment accessible with benefits for various demands


Jörn Erkau


Exhibitions at UD2014

Date and Time

2014-06-16, 10:00 - 10:00


MA 10 & Ground Floor
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All-day exhibit


Studies show that people with hearing and visual impairments often do not participate in cultural life, or have a tendency to withdraw themselves. Cinema and theatre performances are designed to engage all senses, therefore any impairment in this area presents a big challenge. Audio and visual support systems for cinemas and theatres are generally costly and often impractical for the industry and visitors alike. Solutions which appeal to a wider audience and use innovative technology can create significant economic opportunities. This holistic approach is the basis for a successful implementation of Design for All, benefitting users with and without disabilities.

Cinema operators need a cost neutral and attractive way to make the alternative content (audio descriptions, hearing assistance, subtitles and foreign language versions) accessible. As a result of the digitalisation of content, digital copies of films can have additional tracks. The MDASCinema solution shows how to present these track on the individual smartphones of the movieaudience in an attractive and highly accessible way.

Presentation at UD 2014, Lund
MDASCinema is a streaming server that alows after installing an accessible and voice-over capable App to present alternative content on various smartphones (iOS or Android). Alternatively it is possible to use a preinstaled iPod.
The innovative solution allows the audience to experience the streamed audio without latency – nearly lip-sync.
The demonstration will consists of a silver screen, a projektor (beamer with laptop) and the MDASCinema-streamer. This device sents alternative content like the audio description, hearing assistance or the original sound to the participants attending UD2014. They either download the MDASCinema-App or use the provided iPods. As well headsets, are kept at hand for guests, who like to join the demonstration.
The audience will experience a new way of enjoying cinema entertainment: Every individual receives the content necessary to his or her personal demand.