WorkStar: Involving young adults to design a serious game for working life integration


Torben Wallbaum, Wilko Heuten, Catharina Janssen and Susanne Boll


F2. User involvement and participation

Date and Time

2014-06-18, 13:10 - 13:50


MA 9
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We show insights from a user-centered design process for a serious game together with jobless, young adults. The involvement allows a deep understanding of the users as well as detailed requirements regarding the design of a serious game for working life integration. To collect requirements, identify the context of use and create designs for such a game, several methods like focus group, and paper prototyping were used. Participants also benefit by working on a clear goal and in a structured daily routine together with other young adults. Compared to conventional training-methods the project has a lower rate of drop-outs and participants were motivated to create game content and design game components.