Mapping the Common Ground: Inclusive Playscapes for Children in Jerusalem – From Global to Local


Tali Cohen-Anderson


B5. Art, entertainment and play

Date and Time

2014-06-16, 16:00 - 16:40


MA 7
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Is it possible to create an inclusive playscape that integrates the needs and aptitudes of various children within its design? This paper presents a research design project, the product of an interdisciplinary collaboration between interior design and occupational therapy collaborators, which expands the principles of universal design with a performance approach. By mapping, surveying and analyzing public playscapes with the purpose of understanding the playscapes’ “typical profile”, the project proposes a new profile of an “accessible and inclusive playground” that promotes a common ground for the playing activity of children suffering from disabilities together with typical children of the same age. The paper presents new perceptions and spatial concepts based on this profile, which relate to playgrounds as a universal outdoors.